Dance of the Fantasia Hippos

Dance of the Fantasia Hippos

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I suppose we are all allowed our trip down memory lane……
I have some very special friends that have travelled this road with me – today I want to tell them how special they are to me and that I am today who I am because of them.

I am in actual fact a little bit of all of them wrapped in one………. So to my friends’ thank you – and when life seems tough and unbearable – go down our memory lane – plenty of laughs there.  Don’t forget we will always have each other………..


Random memories no particular order – I am sure if you are reading this you will know who you are and see for yourself how fantastic this journey has been……

Sheep of all shapes and sizes
Falling through broken chairs
Kibbutz dorm wall drawings
Strange Boys reciting poetry on dark stairways
Our ideal man list
Pink champagne
Tin house
Discovery of my first Grey hairs
Train rides and BIG dogs
Broken noses before weddings
Sticky fingers on glass doors
Someone trying to slash my tyres (I parked in his space – lol)
Jumping over very large fences to get to the other side for a flea market
Jumping over a wall to go skinny dip in a public pool (and being caught)
Trying our first smoke
My first 10 second (most gross) French kiss outside of action cricket
Mr FAT lips
Ice skating
Safety pins through our ears (HA HA 80’s thing)
pink and yellow eye shadow (DON’T say a word)
NEON pink and yellow ROLLED socks to match our eye shadow
Rolled white bobby school socks
Fish bowels
Fish bowels on my head
Choosing Seth’s name
Double sided bibs
Finding the Lord
Your Wedding
Crimped Hair
Sundowners on “De PLOT”
Horse jumping shows
Being chased by a baby pumba (warthog)
Waking up staring into the eyes of a dassie (GOSH I must stay away from farms)
The perfect Peugeot
Stock taking through the night
Wild Fred
Making up our own “grease” dances
Watching the recorded BetaMax video recording of the new years countdown
21 Jump Street (Johnny DEPP)
Betting on what age we would marry (U O me R100 by the way LOL)
One glass one bottle wine one night
Bee stings
Pump up the Jam
One boob
Jaw ops
Lambada skirts
Dance courses
Military camps with explosions and guns…
Fun Weeks @ St. Johns
Struggling to park my car and you randomly appeared in the parking lot to park my car for me (wow)
Praying together
Sitting in barbed wire while trying to pee
Meeting Art from Just Jinger (on more than one occasion)
Youth camps
Tings n’ Times
“The Led” Live
Dancing in your lounge with your boet on one of your birthdays
Champagne in my eyes (BLINDED while strange me kiss me (New Years))
2 Matric dance dresses
Working together
Valhalla Primary
Jannie Verjaar cold drinks
Vanilla Ice boyfriend look-a-likes (HAHAHAH)
Stove pipe pants (and lying on the bed to get them up)
Aerobic marathons
Double jointed gyming
Fish bowls
Fish bowls on my head
Mc Ginty’s
Hatfield square on New Years
Loosing my new sandal in Hermanus – new years
Two minute noodles
Our tent blowing away
Minnie skirts
Collapsing jumping castles
JA Signs
Loosing my first pair of ice skates
The robbery
Bashing down doors at 12 @night
The Notebook
Calling me while I am in labour (Bwhahaha)
Finding Seth’s name
Raising Carla (Lalee)
Broken hearts
Pumpkin Patch
Modern talking 
16th 18th and 21st bday
First day at school
Prayer chains
Blog lunches
Jeremiah 29 v 11-13
Office Goddess (just a reminder that this is ME)
Hitch hiking
Pole dancing
Hanging washing
Late night chats
Getting married
Support groups
Hospitals and ops
Fear of the DARK – I.M
Head banging
Slapping men’s glasses off their faces
Trying to get out of a mosh (Bwhahahahahhahahah)
Koos Kombuis live Lisa se klavier
FIFA world CUP in SA
School Home economics Matric exam cook out.
Cub scouts
Battery 9 (ha ha)
My hub cap rolling next to my beetle as I drive – LOL
Eastern Cape
moving away (SNIFF) I miss u all  

So if you read carefully you will notice you are all there and rightfully so.


There are so much more and as they come to mind I will add them – LOVE U ALL

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As my frustration brings me to my very edge of existence (again) I am here at a place once again where I get to air all my inner thoughts without so much as a peep from the peanut gallery.


Okay that feels better.

Where do we draw the line – how do we stand up for something we feel might be out of place without seeming like the over protected mother.

So my quest for a better school takes me back 2 years now. And finally I thought I had found some inner peace as to where my children were at school.

Seth diagnosed with dyslexia is at a great advantage as the teachers have been able to start teaching him to cope with this disorder. HOWEVER this year he has 2 new teachers oh sorry did I say teachers I meant WITCHES – gosh

Now we are on to 10 spelling words a day (perhaps this is normal for children who learn spelling easy in Grd 5) but for me its like climbing mount Everest every day……… in the beginning of the year it was 20 every Friday – this is still achievable BUT 10 a day they have NO CLUE…. Over and above that he gets 40 – 80 sums a day which I cannot even do without a calculator – HOW AM I TO DO THIS?

When I originally approached both this teachers I nearly had my head removed from my body because one jumped in before I could finish my sentence. And then to top it off they smiled and said. Please keep us informed if the children say anything – because they are scared of us……….. NO SHIT………………I TREMBLE…….

Then Seth says mom they tell us we are a stupid class and they always shouting at us …… and make us sit in at break to do the words we misspell. They only get 30min break – I am ready for war.

Okay so between all this writing I have now phoned the school and spoke with the principle about my grievances. She said she had just spoken to all the teachers about all the shouting going on – it’s not acceptable. NO …… And she would talk to them again. Okay so let’s see where this takes us either it will improve OR they will take it all out on Seth.

Did I do the right thing? Am I over protective – I mean we all had a witch teach us some time or another – And though the thought of that teacher will haunt me for eternity and perhaps I needed physiological help after that who knows, maybe Seth should feel the runt of the world – or maybe just maybe he will love school and his teachers – stay enthusiastic to learn – OR maybe its time to have him tested to see if we can get him on medication – for the concentration?

It concerns me the amount of verbal damage teachers are allowed to inflict on young people not only today but throughout history. IF YOU DON’T LIKE CHILDREN DON’T BECOME A TEACHER. It’s that simple – IF ITS POWER you need become a Sadist or take up chess.

I think even from my own experience at schools growing up teachers can be pretty MEAN…… and really there is no need for any of this.

Carla is doing better – well “condoned pass” is not really better – I have checked her books but it’s not going to make a difference as I don’t know what the books need to really look like. If I ask her about projects and tests – NOTHING MOM REALLY – but mysteriously somehow the teachers have magical marks they can put on the reports every term – from the non existent class work, tests and projects.

Her social appetite has grown as she is now 15 and trying to give her a little space for social networking has just led to her once again walking all over us and pushing every bit of space she gets over the limits.

Do I go back to that “NO sorry you can’t do that” mom? Once again am I too protective – ag man this is crazy – I know teens I know they have issues – but we have just been through years of heartache and new rules and putting down new boarders to get Carla just to cope in society (with ODD) and now we need to start broadening these boarders – Maybe I am just petrified.

Maybe I need the help.

OH dear poor kids

Anyway all this has got me thinking – I NEED COFFEE – so till my next whim.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A loud shout from all in the peanut gallery who feel our day should be a 25 hour day. Come on now - Because I know that when I JUMP out of bed- literally - i am not alone, after hitting the snooze button (TWICE) I feel that I somehow will overcome the snooze if I jump out of bed, sometimes i jump out so quickly i surprise myself. I don't even give my feet time to feel blood and by the time my husband leaves for work I am ready to go back to bed.

My morning like most starts with waking the kids (at least 3 times) and in between making a gourmet lunch for the family to remember me when they are at work and school (W H A T E V E R) and that they will love and appreciate me so much more for this. Jot a quick "romantic note for the hubbies lunchbox because at 6 in the morning my inspiration is overflowing (no not really however Google works 24 hours a day). Then its breakfast and tea and feed the cats. (Who by now are stalking my mothers budgies - as if to threaten me). Feed garden birds - do some bird watching with my boy as he is working on a cub badge, look up the bloody birds in bird books - brush teeth and hair and shove out the door with a kiss.

NEXT - Hubby who slowly stretches his body knowing time will stop for him as he wakes up slowly, peacefully, gracefully without a hair out of place (even the cats gather on the bed for a morning rub) And I am having HOT flushes on the other side of the room - : "SHAME baby (he says) did you not sleep well you look tiered".

Hop in shower, make sure hubby takes lunch - walk hubby to car go indoors - walk lunch to car. kiss and off to work he goes - with a hi ho hi ho.


My work is in the backyard, however people saying: "Oh but its a family business on the premises - how lucky you are" well chances are they have never met my boss the slave driver who by the way knows no priorities and everything and I mean everything is URGENT... ......... AKA my dad mmmmm yes the man who has not only raised me but had dedicated his last 40 years of his life to me - who has towed me more than a million times - who has bailed me out on a month short of cash, (no pressure) So saying no or later is NOT an option, SCREAMING silently in my head and wishing my coffee was Irish is however an option. Also Living on the premises does not make the work less, and instead of a 8 hour day I normally have a much longer day and lunch is a quick dash to the loo. At work i am known as SLAVE CHILD..........

My life is that of colour - so just to brighten it a little more I added a few things, I run a cell group, I volunteer as a mommy helper at cub scouts on a Tuesday and run all the games, I run the youth church on a Sunday (about 40 high school kids) and now and then feed the homeless. Some say amazing others say SUCKER.......... I personally feel some days its SUCKER ........ and feel that some times when volunteers are needed I have a label on my forehead reading "PICK ME - YOU KNOW I CANT SAY NO"

However the work day reaches the end, I rush home to start or finish homework during making dinner - hubby comes home - feed kids feed husband and then I feed the cats (who by now are literally climbing into the fridge every time I open it ) feed any other persons / animals that walks through the door. (no i don't always know where they come from)

Get kids to bath - read a story and the then its about 9 o clock time for planning games or lessons FINALLY its 10 ME TIME so when I collapse into bed i normally like to read however i dont think I ever get past the first paragraph and wake up with a book on my face. And my husband saying Ag shame baby you so tiered shame babes would you mind giving me a back rub. No no not at all, I am sure I can squeeze it in - so thinking about it i don't think that its really a 25 hour day i need - its more a red bull.

So for all you other "normal moms - like me" out there - know this one thing not only are you not alone - but one day the kids will be all grown up and you can retire and if you are like me catch up on some reading.